Electric Heating Solutions for SMR-Based Ammonia Plants


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This presentation underscores the well-established and advantageous role of electric heaters in transforming heating processes within ammonia production, with insightful parallels drawn to the broader trend of electrification in various industries. Electric heaters have emerged as a tried-and-true alternative, and this session will delve into their numerous benefits, making a compelling case for their adoption.

As industries worldwide are increasingly electrifying their heating processes to combat emissions, we will explore the technical and operational advantages of electric heaters, specifically within the context of ammonia production, utilizing the Haber-Bosch method. With a focus on reducing emissions, enhancing efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs, we will discuss how electric heaters offer a sustainable and economically viable solution.

Real-world case studies will be presented, showcasing successful transitions to electric heaters and the resultant environmental and economic gains. By embracing this proven path to Decarbonization, the ammonia production industry can align itself with global sustainability goals while maintaining operational excellence.