Electrifying ammonia production using four metric tons per day (4 MTPD) Independent Ammonia Making Machine (IAMM™) units


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Anhydrous ammonia price reached a historical high up to $1,700/short ton NH3 in mid-2022. In the meantime, Europe has shut down ammonia production at a capacity of over 3 million tonnes per year due to limited supply and the high cost of natural gas. AmmPower pioneers the development of the Independent Ammonia Making Machine (IAMM™) units, which allow decentralized production of green ammonia at a capacity of 4 MTPD using renewable electricity.

The compact and modular IAMM™ units have multiple configurations, including electrolyzer and ammonia storage options. AmmPower delivers IAMM™ units at a low lump sum cost and a short lead time. The production of green ammonia onsite secures a steady ammonia cost and supply, reduces the logistics overhead of ammonia transportation, and can unlock the potential of tax incentives up to $530/tonne NH3 in the US.