How to get approval of an ammonia fuelled vessel


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“How to get approval for an ammonia fueled vessel”

It is well known that ammonia as a fuel is inherently carbon and sulphur free. Compared to fossil fuels, combustion of ammonia reduces CO2, CO, particulates/soot, unburnt hydrocarbons and sulphur oxides by at least 90%. With ongoing research and development to investigate the modifications needed for existing marine diesel engines to combust ammonia, there is a potential of fast adoption by the maritime industry through new builds and perhaps also through retrofits.

Today, there are no prescriptive rules and regulations in place for the use of ammonia as fuel in marine engines, turbines or fuel cells. The current IGC code also does not permit ammonia to be burnt as fuel due to its toxicity. So how do we introduce ammonia and prepare the market for the next generation of carbon-free marine fuels?

This presentation will cover the process needed for Class and statutory approval of an ammonia fueled vessel as well as the main challenges that needs to be overcome for the adoption of ammonia as marine fuel.