IHI’s Development of Ammonia Combustions Technologies / Fuel Ammonia and Hydrogen Solutions


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IHI, as a pioneer in the development of the ammonia value chain, has been developing fuel ammonia technology for the last decade. Utilizing existing infrastructure that is either already in place or that can be readily modified, fuel ammonia is highly anticipated as a critical resource to reach a carbon-neutral society.

In the presentation, IHI will highlight its involvement in the development of combustion technologies of fuel ammonia for power generation.  A specific focus will be placed on the ongoing development and implementation of 20% ammonia co-combustion in existing coal fired power plants.  The presentation will feature the JERA demonstration project and explain some of the technological issues that IHI overcame during its studies.

In addition, IHI will introduce other recent initiatives aimed towards the overall development of the ammonia value chain and how these initiatives make IHI the leader in the social implementation of fuel ammonia in Japan.