Large-scale, innovative alkaline water electrolysis


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Industrial Hydrogen is used for many processes such as fertilizer production. However, 95% of the hydrogen used for these processes comes from fossil fuels. Globally, the ammonia industry emits ~400million tonnes CO2, which is ~2% of the total carbon emission. Next Hydrogen solutions from green energy can dramatically lower your carbon footprint, enhance reliability of supply and be justified on an economic basis. Founded in 2007 and based in Toronto, Next Hydrogen is a designer and manufacturer of water electrolysers. Next Hydrogen’s unique cell design architecture supported by 39 patents enables high current density operations and superior dynamic response to efficiently convert intermittent renewable electricity into green hydrogen on an infrastructure scale. Next Hydrogen’s operational flexibility is rivalling PEM electrolysers while delivering the lifecycle economics of market proven alkaline systems. We offer a range of packaged alkaline water electrolysers from 100 to 450 Nm3/h. Following successful pilots, Next Hydrogen is scaling up its technology to deliver commercial solutions to decarbonize transportation, industrial and energy sectors.