Maritime Ammonia Fuel – Stepping Forward


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Clearly, by now it is a great understatement to say that ammonia as a maritime fuel has potential or could be developed as an alternative to fossil maritime fuels. Enablers for maritime ammonia fuel are being developed and we have moved past simple potential. In terms of on board technology, supply and other critical areas, maritime ammonia fuel is stepping forward.

However, we are only starting out and the road ahead remains long, unclear and of course paved with many potential barriers. We welcome therefore the dedication and quality of work being undertaken by many different entities to help untangle complexity and illustrate pathways.

Within the last few weeks two such entities, UMAS (University Maritime Advisory Services) and The Getting To Zero Coalition, published a report entitled A Strategy for the Transition to Zero-Emission Shipping. In this keynote will take a half hour to unwrap some of the key takeaways from this report and examine what they may mean for maritime ammonia fuel development. We will consider the key determinants identified and the relevance of interplay between factors. We should look forward also to some lively debate.