Quantifying the emissions footprint of the nitrogen industry


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Understanding and quantifying the emissions footprint of an industry is critical to decarbonisation efforts. Without high quality and standardised data, an industry will continually stall on lowering emissions. But this is quickly changing. Companies are seeking to understand their emissions landscape and benchmark themselves accurately. Many leading companies are setting ambitious emissions reduction targets. But its not just the first movers from whom this data matters. Policy is changing as with emissions trading schemes are rolled out across the world. This will force the laggards into action.

CRU has developed readily available standardised data and methodologies to capture emissions across the commodity supply chain – calibrated to existing schemes such as the EU emissions trading system (EU ETS). This paper will present data and analysis on the emissions footprint of the nitrogen industry, compare its footprint to other industries, and shows how the industry structure may change under various carbon price scenarios.