Recent progress on the Ammonia-Gasoline and the Ammonia-Diesel Dual Fueled Internal Combustion Engines in Korea


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Both a spark ignition engine and a compression ignition engine are considered to use ammonia as primary fuel in this study. First, in a spark ignition engine, an ammonia-gasoline dual fuel system was developed and both ammonia and gasoline are injected separately into the intake manifold in liquid phase. As ammonia burns 1/6 time slower than gasoline, the spark timing is needed to be advanced near 40 degree before top dead center. The test engine showed quite high variation in the power output with ammonia supply more than 70% of the total heat value. As a result, 70% of gasoline is substituted into ammonia and all the same amount of carbon dioxide emission is reduced from the test engine. The ammonia-gasoline dual fuel system is also installed into the so-called AmVeh, a vehicle prototype developed in KIER to demonstrate ammonia as a carbon-free fuel. Second, in a compression ignition engine, ammonia is taken along with the fresh air from the intake manifold and small quantity of diesel fuel is injected inside the cylinder to have the ammonia-air mixture ignited. The final goal of the study is to implement a methodology to ignite ammonia-air mixture and have complete combustion without any use of the conventional fuels.