Solid Oxide Technology for Ammonia Production and Use


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The presentation will outline a 4 million € project funded by the Danish Energy Agency. The project is coordinated by Haldor Topsøe A/S and the partners are Vestas Wind Power, Ørsted, Energinet, Equinor, DTU Energy Conversion, and Aarhus University.

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate a novel process for generation of ammonia synthesis gas without an air separation unit by means of Solid Oxide Electrolyzer Cells as well as using ammonia as a fuel for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. The synthesis gas generation plant will be a 50 kW unit. The SOFC unit test will be carried out on one stack corresponding to 1.5 kW.

In parallel, socio- as well as techno-economic studies will be performed on ammonia as an energy vector for storing excess electricity and using it for shipping, heavy duty transport, and stationary power production.

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