Starfire Energy’s ammonia cracking and cracked gas purification technology


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Ammonia cracking is important for both combustion and fuel cell applications. Starfire Energy has verified that a blend of 70% ammonia + 30% cracked ammonia can burn well in a conventional natural gas burner with very low ammonia slip and acceptable NOx using a stoichiometric fuel-air mixture. A 10 MW turbine or internal combustion engine using such a blend will need about 1.44 tonnes of cracked ammonia per hour. Starfire Energy’s monolith-supported cracking catalyst may be ideally suited for this application.

Fully cracked ammonia retains several thousand parts per million of ammonia due to thermodynamic limitations. Residual ammonia can damage proton exchange membrane devices. Starfire Energy’s patented adsorption ammonia removal process can provide a cracked ammonia stream with nominally 0 parts per million ammonia, allowing it to be used in proton exchange membrane devices.