The Future of Ammonia Cracking


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The global energy sector stands before a massive transformation, going from the present state mainly driven by fossil-based resources and changing into a green future where renewable power will take over as the key energy source. In this transformation new market arises and new technologies are needed. One example is the ammonia cracking technology which only has limited use today. One key issue to solve in the future is the mismatch between where renewable power is available and where energy is needed. Today electrolysis is being commercialized in great scale transforming renewable power into hydrogen. As hydrogen is very complicated and expensive to transport, ammonia appears as the best option for storing and transporting hydrogen. In this process it is critical to have energy efficient processes for synthesizing ammonia and to convert it back to hydrogen. Haldor Topsøe has a leading position within ammonia synthesis technology and have industrially demonstrated ammonia cracking technology including custom made catalysts with a strong reference list. Previously, ammonia cracking only have had limited commercial interest. The ammonia cracking technology of the future needs to be optimized for the specific market needs. As mentioned, ammonia is an excellent energy carrier and may be used to supply regions with limited renewable power, with the energy e.g. to fuel cell driven vehicles. Depending on the local energy/legislation situation, different solutions must be tailored to the application – Haldor Topsøe has a wide range of options available now and in the development pipeline, ready to deliver for the ammonia cracking market.