Towards Global Ammonia Energy Certification Standards


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Considerable attention is now being paid to both life-cycle carbon intensity standards and guarantees of origin for many low carbon fuels, including ammonia energy, to ensure that international trade may be facilitated, expedited, and given priority guarantees of market access under long-term supply agreements. Standardisation and certification are crucial to these markets.  Further, the prospect of commanding a “clean/green” market premium, which buyers in markets such as the European Union and East Asia may be prepared to pay for ammonia energy imports, may also set the necessary impulses to stimulate the domestic ammonia energy economies around the world.

Certifications can, however, take many forms and important and strategic questions remain for ammonia energy such as:

–         The role to be played by energy source;

–         Potential for inclusive “clean” certifications;

–         Origin assurances, with or without reference to production methods;

–         Alignment with other hydrogen-related energies;

–         The divergence between bespoke supply and commodity trading;

–         The roles of registries, methodologies and verifications; and

–         Broader international trade implications.

This session will consider these issues and more in moving towards industry and international market alignment on the right certification standards for ammonia energy.