JERA closes in on clean ammonia fuel supply

JERA has signed MoUs this week with two significant ammonia producers, potentially securing the supply of one million tonnes of clean ammonia fuel to Japan each year from 2027. JERA has signed exploratory agreements for 500,000 tonnes of clean ammonia fuel each with CF Industries and Yara Clean Ammonia, and will also explore investment options in greenfield mega-projects on the US Gulf Coast.


Small-scale CCS ammonia in Japan

INPEX has selected Tsubame BHB and Air Liquide as technology providers for the demonstration project, which will utilise autothermal reforming technology and CCS in depleted gas fields to produce around 500 tonnes of ammonia per year. JOGMEC and NEDO are also supporting the project, with the goal of gaining operational experience with CCS in Japan.


IHI: ammonia in the UAE & Malaysia, supporting start-ups

IHI Corporation has announced three new ammonia partnerships this month. In the UAE, it will embark on Dubai’s first “green” ammonia feasibility study with the Emirates National Oil Company Group, with a solar-powered pilot plant to be built. In Malaysia, IHI and Petronas subsidiary Gentari Hydrogen will explore ammonia production from solar power in Johor, Malaysia. And following its investment in US-based Starfire Energy in November, IHI and Japan-based Angel Navi will identify more decarbonisation venture opportunities in Japan and around the world.


Maritime ammonia developments in South Korea, Japan

In this week’s maritime ammonia news:

  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, Lloyd’s Register and Korea National Oil Corporation have signed a new agreement to jointly develop an ammonia floating storage and regasification unit, or FSRU.
  • KSS Line and Samsung C&T will cooperate to establish a clean hydrogen/ammonia transportation service, powered by alternative fuels.
  • In Japan, K Line has announced ammonia will underpin its decarbonisation strategy to 2050, with AiP granted for a new Newcastlemax bulk carrier design.
  • And the first of two CCU ammonia shipments have reached Ulsan from Saudi Arabia, with importer Lotte Fine Chemical leading development of a clean ammonia supply chain in the Yellow Sea.


Maritime ammonia: FSRBs, AiPs for bunkering and a new collaboration

In maritime ammonia updates this week:

  • NYK Line, Nihon Shipyard, ClassNK, and IHI Corporation have signed a joint R&D agreement for the commercialisation of an ammonia floating storage and regasification barge (A-FSRB).
  • DNV has granted Approval in Principle to Azane Fuel Solutions for their flexible ammonia bunkering terminal design. The Approval allows Azane and partner Yara to proceed with their bunker network rollout across Scandinavia.
  • And US-based Amogy & Amon Maritime will collaborate to jointly develop ammonia-powered shipping solutions, including the use of Amogy’s technology platform in Amon’s future projects.


Building the EU end of the Australia-Europe supply chain

At this year’s Australia conference, we recognise that interest in Australian ammonia is on the rise. At previous conferences we’ve witnessed the strengthening of ties between Australia, Japan and South Korea, and this year we see a new player emerge. The EU’s growing ambitions have catapulted it into the ammonia conversation, and the nascent of an Australia-Europe ammonia supply chain is quickly developing. To give our audience the EU-perspective, we welcome a terrific virtual panel beaming in live from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy: Jill Thesen (Federation of German Industries), Martijn Coopman (Port of Rotterdam), Anna Fedeles (Austrade) and Anna Freeman (Clean Energy Council). Join us in-person or online, and make sure to register by the end of this week (Friday 29 July) to secure the early-bird rate.


Ammonia-powered vessels & maritime engines: development updates

This week we explore four announcements in the maritime ammonia space:

  • Færder Tankers Norway will receive $20 million in Enova funding to develop two ammonia-powered vessel designs: a tanker and a car carrier.
  • Mitsubishi Shipbuilding has completed a conceptual design for an LPG-ammonia dual-fuel VLGC, with Approval in Principle granted by ClassNK.
  • Delivery dates have been set for the first eight of Höegh Autoliners’ Aurora-class, ammonia-powered car carriers, with China Merchants Heavy Industry to deliver vessels from late 2024.
  • WinGD and Hyundai Heavy Industries will collaborate to deliver the first WinGD two-stroke engine capable of running on ammonia by 2025.


New ammonia partnerships in Japan, Indonesia

JGC Corporation has entered into a series of new ammonia partnerships. As part of a wider agreement to license KBR’s patented ammonia production technology, a new renewable ammonia pilot plant will be developed near Fukushima. JGC will team up in an “alliance agreement” with TOYO Corporation to develop fuel ammonia production projects and import terminals in Japan. And in Indonesia - where TOYO is currently assessing the feasibility of retrofitting an existing ammonia plant to run entirely on renewable energy - JGC and Indonesia’s national energy organisation Pertamina will collaborate on key decarbonisation projects.