AMON Maritime: Ammonia-fueled ships and networks

In our most recent episode of Maritime Ammonia Insights we introduced the Amon Maritime consortium. Amon is unique, as it builds from the ground up and shares risk to remove the chicken-and-egg dilemma faced by new maritime ammonia players. Acknowledging that external funding has been essential to reach the point where they are at today, Amon Maritime has progressed as a shipping company and ammonia bunkering network at remarkable speed. With their novel approach and impressive progress to date, there are many takeaways for the wider maritime stakeholder environment to consider. Amon’s CEO André Risholm and CCO Karl Arthur Bræin joined Conor Fürstenberg Stott to discuss the opportunities ahead.


Ammonia cracking for maritime applications

Swedish technology developer Metacon has delivered an ammonia cracking prototype unit to Pherousa Green Technologies in Norway for development of an ammonia-fed, zero emissions maritime propulsion system. The prototype itself was developed by Metacon subsidiary Helbio, who report the cracker achieves conversion rates of 99.3% with no ammonia slip, enabling it to feed a high-purity PEM fuel cell.


Green Ammonia Volume Analysis – A Roadmap Towards 2030

Yara Clean Ammonia, together with NCE Maritime CleanTech and with analysis support from DNV, have delivered a volume analysis and roadmap for the use of renewable ammonia in the Norwegian domestic shipping sector. With the right policy levers in place, renewable ammonia can meet and reach beyond the 2030 decarbonisation targets for the Norwegian domestic fleet, reducing emissions by as much as 69%.


Electrolyser scale-up news: May 2022

This week we explore announcements about novel electrolyser technologies (Advanced Ionics), funding announcements from Europe (ITM Power, Battolyser and Sunfire), and some gigawatt-scale expansions in manufacturing capacities (Hydrogen Optimized, Nel, Cummins and Sinopec).


Barents Blue project updates

In recent updates for the Barents Blue project in far-north Norway:

  • a long-term carbon storage license & zoning approval have both been granted to Horisont Energi.
  • Horisont and Koole Terminals will work together to develop an ammonia import terminal and distribution point at the Port of Rotterdam.
  • and E.ON will bring their expertise in carbon capture & liquefaction to the project, having recently acquired a 25% stake in Horisont.


Yara & Azane Fuel Solutions to establish a carbon-free ammonia fuel bunker network

Yara has pre-ordered fifteen of Azane Fuel Solutions’ ammonia bunker terminal units. Once delivered, the pair will work to establish a carbon-free ammonia fuel bunker network in Scandinavia. Also this week, Amon Maritime (a founding partner of Azane Fuel Solutions), launched a new ship management company that will specialize in ammonia-fueled vessels.


Ammonia vessel updates: the Castor Initiative, MS Green Ammonia & post-Panamax bulkers

Five ammonia vessel updates this week:

1. An ammonia/liquefied CO2 carrier concept design from Mitsui O.S.K. Lines & Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

2. Approval in Principle for an ammonia-fueled car carrier designed by China State Shipbuilding.

3. Approval in Principle for the MS Green Ammonia.

4. An MoU between three members of the Castor Initiative to design & construct two Very Large Crude Carriers.

5. A concept design for up to four types of ammonia-ready, LNG-fueled vessels (ARLFV) from NYK Line.


First-movers working towards renewable ammonia

Three key first-movers at Ammonia Energy - NEOM, Yara and Fertiberia - have all made significant steps towards green ammonia production in recent times. With the launch of a new subsidiary to develop hydrogen & ammonia production, NEOM can possibly begin construction of its green hydrogen plant this month. Also this week, Yara held a groundbreaking ceremony at Heroya, with the intention to bring green ammonia and fertilisers to market by mid-2023. And a few months ago in December, green hydrogen storage tanks arrived at Fertiberia’s Puertollano ammonia plant, ready for installation.