Iberdrola and bp join forces in Europe

Iberdrola and bp will form a new joint venture focused on renewable hydrogen, ammonia and methanol production. Hubs in the UK, Spain and Portugal will be powered by new-build renewable energy, with the first project to be development of a renewable hub at bp’s existing Castellón refinery in Spain.


Ammonia energy funding & acquisitions

SK Innovation has led a successful $46 million capital funding round for New York-based Amogy. The new funds will go towards two ammonia-powered, heavy vehicle demonstration projects: an eighteen-wheel tractor trailer, and an ocean-going cargo ship. H2SITE has closed a successful €12.5 million Series A funding round led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures to expand manufacturing capacity in Spain, and Sweden-based organisation Alfa Laval will acquire RenCat’s patented ammonia reforming technology.


Renewable ammonia production on Curaçao and the Canary Islands

Two sets of academic analyses highlight the huge potential for renewable energy and ammonia fuel to wean island states off fossil fuel use. Researchers from the University of Twente propose a highly-integrated energy generation and storage system for the Caribbean nation of Curaçao, with battery storage and ammonia fuel to offset periods of low wind-power output. On the Canary Islands, researchers from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria present their concept for a “hexa-generation” energy system to produce electricity, water, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and - ultimately - ammonia.


Renewable ammonia in Portugal

Madoqua Renewables, Power2X and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners will jointly develop a new project in Sines, Portugal. Renewable hydrogen production will be integrated with a conventional Haber Bosch synthesis plant to produce up to 500,000 tonnes of ammonia per year, with an expansion phase to double that capacity.


AFC Energy: Power Tower & off road racing

Two updates from AFC Energy:

1. The “Power Tower”, a 10kW, ammonia-fueled, off-grid power was launched last month, with Keltbray and Acciona to deploy modular units on construction sites mid-year.

2. The launch of Extreme-H off road racing, with green methanol and ammonia likely to act as hydrogen carriers for the hydrogen-fueled racing championship.


First-movers working towards renewable ammonia

Three key first-movers at Ammonia Energy - NEOM, Yara and Fertiberia - have all made significant steps towards green ammonia production in recent times. With the launch of a new subsidiary to develop hydrogen & ammonia production, NEOM can possibly begin construction of its green hydrogen plant this month. Also this week, Yara held a groundbreaking ceremony at Heroya, with the intention to bring green ammonia and fertilisers to market by mid-2023. And a few months ago in December, green hydrogen storage tanks arrived at Fertiberia’s Puertollano ammonia plant, ready for installation.


HyDeal España: green hydrogen & ammonia northern Spain

ArcelorMittal, Enagás, Grupo Fertiberia and DH2 Energy will lead development of the world's largest integrated renewable and competitive hydrogen hub in northwest Spain. Production is due to begin in 2025, with the full-sized project reaching 9.5 GW of solar power and 7.4 GW of installed electrolysers by 2030.

Amongst other uses, green hydrogen from HyDeal España will be used to make green ammonia for Fertiberia’s nearby fertiliser production plant in Avilés. This means that four out of Fertiberia’s ten Spanish production centers all have green ammonia projects in progress.