Nutrien planing world-scale clean ammonia facility in Geismar, Louisiana

Nutrien has announced plans for a $2 billion, million-tonne-per-year CCS ammonia production facility in Geismar, Louisiana. Nutrien will partner with Denbury, who will handle the construction & operation of necessary CCS infrastructure, with permanent underground sequestration to occur. Mitsubishi Corporation has agreed to off take up to 40% of the produced ammonia, which will be exported to the “Asian fuel market”.


Momentum builds for CCS ammonia on the US Gulf Coast

This week we explore three announcements on the US Gulf Coast:

  • North American pipeline giant Enbridge will join forces with Humble Midstream to develop a low-carbon ammonia export project near Corpus Christi, Texas. The project will be built within the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Center, currently the largest crude oil storage and export terminal in the US.
  • Talos Energy, Chevron and Carbonvert will jointly develop the Bayou Bend CCS project in eastern Texas, where 275 million tonnes of carbon emissions could potentially be sequestered beneath the sea bed.
  • And more details have emerged about CF Industries’ joint CCS ammonia project with Mitsui. The greenfield facility is expected to cost around $2 billion, and will produce between 1 - 1.4 million tonnes of ammonia per year.


Electrolyser scale-up news: May 2022

This week we explore announcements about novel electrolyser technologies (Advanced Ionics), funding announcements from Europe (ITM Power, Battolyser and Sunfire), and some gigawatt-scale expansions in manufacturing capacities (Hydrogen Optimized, Nel, Cummins and Sinopec).


LSB Industries to produce CCS ammonia in Arkansas

LSB Industries’ existing El Dorado ammonia production plant will be retrofitted to allow capture and sequestration of CO2 emissions as part of a new partnership with Lapis Energy. Once operational in 2025, more than 375,000 tonnes CCS ammonia will be produced per year - about 75% of El Dorado’s total ammonia production capacity. El Dorado becomes the third publicly announced CCS ammonia plant in the US, with CF Industries and Air Products announcing projects last year.


Maritime green corridors in Chile, Australia and the US

In three green maritime corridor announcements this week:

  • Chile’s Ministry of Energy and the Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping will develop a network of transport corridors in and out of the country.
  • The Global Maritime Forum will lead an Australian consortium seeking to establish ammonia-powered iron ore transport routes between Australia and southeast Asia.
  • and the US State Department has outlined its official approach to green corridors, describing them as a “key means of spurring the early adoption of zero-emission fuels” like ammonia.