On the Ground in Germany

Yet another national laboratory is developing technology for renewable ammonia, this time in Germany at the DLR, the German Aerospace Center (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt).

At the Institute of Thermodynamic Engineering (Institut für Technische Thermodynamik), the DLR is developing a method for electrochemical ammonia synthesis at ambient conditions.

This project aims to investigate an alternative route to produce ammonia without the need of hydrogen, high temperatures, high pressures and without CO2 emission … an idea developed at the DLR to synthetize ammonia via electricity in an electrochemical membrane reactor.
DLR, Master’s Thesis application: Electrochemical Ammonia Synthesis, February 2017

There’s not yet much information about this project (the link above is a job offer), which doesn’t appear to build upon published research, but it adds to a growing body of work already well underway at the DLR.

While these researchers bypass the need for a hydrogen feedstock, presumably using water as the hydrogen input, their colleagues in the department of Solar Chemical Engineering at the DLR’s Institute of Solar Research have been busy developing technologies for solar ammonia, solar hydrogen, and also solar nitrogen.

Read the full article at AmmoniaIndustry.com

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