Schedule & speakers (Ammonia Energy Conference 2022 – Phoenix)

Schedule & speakers (Phoenix 2022)


Emerging Giants: decarbonizing ammonia in China, India, and the United States (8:30AM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

Twelve months ago, China, India, and the United States were on the periphery of the ammonia energy landscape, which had been dominated by first-mover countries including Japan, Australia, Korea, Chile, Norway, Netherlands, Spain and others. Now, the world’s three most populated nations are driving new ambitions for decarbonization in the fertilizer industry, with global implications for the scale and speed of ammonia’s opportunity in the energy transition.
Frank Yu

Global Vice President & Head of Envision Hydrogen,
Envision Group

Envision Energy – green hydrogen and green ammonia business

Jim Schwartz

Director, Sustainability & GPA USA,

Emerging giants: OCI’s perspective

Oliver Hatfield (moderator)

VP Business Development,
Argus Media

Decarbonizing ammonia in India, China and the United States

Trevor Brown (moderator)

Executive Director,
Ammonia Energy Association

Morning tea/coffee break (10:30AM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

Sponsored by Yara

Enabling Net-Zero Energy (11AM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

How can ammonia fuel unlock net-zero electricity grids across the US? How can existing power plants transition to new fuels like ammonia? How can integrated, ammonia-fueled systems help power heavy transport, and how can ammonia enable zero-emissions off-grid and backup power?

Rob Steele

Institute Fellow & Project Development Director,
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Program on combustion of ammonia and ammonia-hydrogen mixtures for power generation

Heather Jackson

Interlock Energy

Economic analysis for hydrogen – ammonia decarbonization of a natural gas plant – a phased approach

Gregory Pal

VP Product,
Mainspring Energy

Ammonia for power generation: a new, efficient, low-emissions generator made possible with software enabled technology and precise flameless reaction control

Bill David

Chief Science Officer,
Sunborne Systems

Sunborne Systems: bringing keystone technologies to market for the global zero-carbon energy infrastructure

Advancing Maritime Ammonia (11AM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

What key developments are helping advance the case for maritime ammonia, both on the port side and onboard vessels? How do we approach safety and public perception from a maritime perspective?
Emile Herben

Product Manager,
Yara Clean Ammonia

Trends, priorities and examples for increasing ammonia shipping fuel readiness levels across the value chain

Chenxi (Chase) Ji

Senior Sustainability Engineer (CCUS & Alternative Fuels),
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)

Ammonia as a marine fuel– bunkering operation and dispersion simulations

Monique Berrevoets-Steenbakker

Strategic Consultant,
Antea Group

Ammonia terminal in port areas: safety and image issues in storage, throughput and transport

Tatum Auvil

Research Analyst (Low-Carbon Resources),
Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Accelerating maritime decarbonization via multi-sectoral integration

Sofia Fürstenberg Stott (moderator)

Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory

Maritime Director,
Ammonia Energy Association

Advancing Maritime Ammonia: panel introduction

Lunch break (12:30PM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

Sponsored by LSB Industries

Sponsored by Casale

Workshop: Maritime Green Corridors (2PM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

How exactly can we begin building ammonia-powered, green maritime corridors between ports? Sofia Fürstenberg Stott, the AEA’s Maritime Director, will help attendees figure out the key pieces of the puzzle.

Sofia Fürstenberg Stott (moderator)

Fürstenberg Maritime Advisory

Maritime Director,
Ammonia Energy Association

AEA Maritime Ammonia Workshop: Maritime green corridors – the case for ammonia

Afternoon tea/coffee break (3:30PM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

Sponsored by Axetris

The Policy Landscape in the United States (4PM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

Recent policy developments have fundamentally altered the outlook for low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia in the United States. In this session, we dive into the domestic details, and discuss their impact across the world of ammonia energy.
Claire Behar

Hy Stor Energy

Mark Behrman

President & CEO,
LSB Industries

Prerna Jain

Senior Commercial Manager – New Energies BD,

Jacob Susman (moderator)

CEO & Co-Founder,
Ambient Fuels

Evening reception (5:30PM MST, Tues 15 Nov)

Sponsored by Hy Stor Energy


Ammonia Sector Transition Strategy (8:30AM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

Mission Possible Partnership published its Ammonia Sector Transition Strategy last month, the latest in a series of action plans for hard-to-abate sectors. This session will look at the key conclusions from the report, and a discussion of the strategies that will enable the ammonia sector to position itself for a sustainable, high-impact future.
Tomoaki Ichida

Executive Officer,
Mitsui O.S.K. Lines

MOL: our voyage to net-zero emissions towards 2050


Rob Stevens

VP Ammonia Opportunities,
Saga Pure

Ammonia Energy Association

Clean ammonia at SagaPure

Raffaele Ostuni

Head of Gas Technologies Department,

Retrofitting grey ammonia to blue and green – making net-zero ammonia possible

Adolfo Rivera

Senior Director for Green Hydrogen,

Renewables + Hydrogen + Derivatives

Jesse Hoffman (moderator)

Manager & Project Leader (Ammonia Transition Strategy),

Ammonia Sector Transition Strategy

Morning tea/coffee break (10:30AM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

Sponsored by LSB Industries

New Ammonia Production Processes (11AM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

What new technologies are being developed to improve existing production processes, and where are these being deployed? We also explore some next generation production technologies, including high-performance computing for catalyst R&D.
Rianne Vriend-Vrijenhoef

Marketing Director,
Proton Ventures

NH3 & Energy Transition: a challenge meeting reality

Yohei Shimada

Manager, Digital Solutions for Green Ammonia business development (Sustainability Co-Creation Department),
JGC Corporation

Demonstration project for a green chemical plant using large-scale alkaline water electrolysis

Surya Josyula

Senior Director (Technology Strategy Division),
Fujitsu Research of America

Advanced technologies powering green ammonia R&D

Zhenyu Zhang

Chief Technologist,

Electrifying ammonia production using four metric tons per day (4 MTPD) Independent Ammonia Making Machine (IAMM™) units

Enabling Clean Ammonia (11AM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

What new technologies will enable clean ammonia production from gas feedstock, and how can existing production plants be improved?

Jakob Krummenacher

Director of Clean Energy,
LSB Industries

Low-carbon ammonia at LSB Industries

Tim Matthews


Making ammonia blue – the easy way

Brent Novak

Vice President (Ammonia Strategy),
8 Rivers

8 Rivers’ 8RH2 technology for blue ammonia production with high CO2 capture rates

Hady Abdulhady

Director Business Development & Sales,
thyssenkrupp Uhde

Natural gas based, ultra-low carbon ammonia without fluegas scrubbing

Lunch break (12:30PM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

Sponsored by Envision Group

Sponsored by Denbury

Workshop: Ammonia Sector Transition Strategy (2PM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

In this special session, SystemIQ, the authors of the Mission Possible Partnership’s Ammonia Sector Transition Strategy, will lead an interactive workshop to identify actions that we can take immediately, and map out a long- term strategy for decarbonizing ammonia.
Jesse Hoffman (moderator)

Manager & Project Leader (Ammonia Transition Strategy),

Ammonia Transition Strategy – Workshop

Afternoon tea/coffee break (3:30PM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

Sponsored by Black & Veatch

Clean Energy from Ammonia (4PM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

Explore new applications for ammonia fuel in the aviation sector, new technology to eliminate NOx emissions, and progress in cracking ammonia as a hydrogen carrier.
Issei Tsuji

Promotion Leader,

Exhaust gas treatment catalysts for ammonia-fueled engines

John Pach

Ammonia & Nitric Acid Technology Manager,
Johnson Matthey

Ammonia cracker: design and safety considerations

Jayanta Kapat

Founding Director, Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research (CATER),
University of Central Florida

Ammonia as a liquid for the future of aviation

Konrad Krois

Business Development Manager,

Precious metals catalysts – a cornerstone for the hydrogen economy and ammonia as an energy vector

Clean Ammonia from Electricity (4PM MST, Wed 16 Nov)

Explore power-to-ammonia project design concepts, how hydrogen technology and ammonia production could unlock grid flexibility, and what process safety looks like in the all-electric ammonia plant.
Tomas Meyer

Senior Consultant,

Improving the competitiveness of Power-to-X projects in Chile

Alan Tan

Vice President (Business Development),
Next Hydrogen

Large-scale, innovative alkaline water electrolysis

Liz Wachs

Postdoctoral Researcher,
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Industrial load flexibility, the US power grid and ammonia

Frank Yu

Global Vice President & Head of Envision Hydrogen,
Envision Group

Dancing with wind solution for the green hydrogen and green ammonia plant


Establishing a Global Market for Ammonia Energy (8:30AM MST, Thurs 17 Nov)

What will be required to establish global markets for ammonia as an energy commodity? We explore new export projects, key enablers being developed, and the infrastructure required to unlock an expanded global market for ammonia.
Hans Vrijenhoef

Proton Ventures

Executive Vice President,
Ammonia Energy Association

Ammonia, liquid sustainable energy for future

Ashwani Dudeja

President and Director International Business (Green Hydrogen & Ammonia),
ACME Group

Challenges of developing green ammonia projects

Patrick Molloy

Manager (Climate Aligned Industries),
Rocky Mountain Institute

The potential future for ammonia market nexus

Grigorii Soloveichik (moderator)

SolEXS Consulting

Establishing a Global Market

Morning tea/coffee break (10:30AM MST, Thurs 17 Nov)

The AEA’s Ammonia Certification Scheme (11AM MST, Thurs 17 Nov)

To close this year’s proceedings, we explore the all-important topic of certification. Members of the AEA Certification Committee will present on key progress in our own under-development scheme, and outline the next steps ahead as we move through the design phase and towards implementation.
Bert den Ouden

Project Director,

The hydrogen market boosted by ammonia: feed, standards & balancing

Nicholas Cook

AEA Certification Committee (chair) / Senior EHS and Quality Manager,
CF Industries

Vibeke Rasmussen

AEA Certification Committee / SVP Product Management & Certification,
Yara Clean Ammonia

Amgad Elgowainy

Group Leader, Electrification and Infrastructure,
Argonne National Laboratory

IPHE hydrogen production analysis task force

Wouter Vanhoudt (moderator)

Global Head of Business Development,