Strategy Steering Team Feedback Form

Steering Team Feedback Form

Metrics to Define Success: What does success look like?

Dear Strategy Steering Team, 


This questionnaire aims to gather insights and ideas from the Strategy Steering team on how to measure success. Responses provided in this form, and during the meeting, will serve as a basis to present clear metrics for the development of the four strategic pillars in the next meetings.


Knowledge Stewardship Activities

e.g., Articles, Newsletters, Whitepapers, Market Intelligence, Webinars, Conferences, Presentations
We can define success by measuring performance in three areas: Knowledge Generation, Participation, and Knowledge Uptake.*
Do you agree with this statement?

Collaboration Activities

e.g., Committees, Working Groups, Stakeholder Consultations, Workshops, Coalition building, Networking,
In the Collaboration Pillar, do you think we should define success primarily by ...*

Advocacy Activities

We would like to develop an Ammonia Safety Record. This will compile historical ammonia safety data from multiple sectors (refrigeration, rail transport, road transport, process safety, stationary storage, terminal operations, ocean freight, etc), to provide authoritative quantification of ammonia's safety record.*
Do you think this would be useful for AEA members?
Ammonia Safety Record*
What are the most important things we could do with this data?