IHI’s Development of Ammonia Combustions Technologies / Fuel Ammonia and Hydrogen Solutions

IHI, as a pioneer in the development of the ammonia value chain, has been developing fuel ammonia technology for the last decade. Utilizing existing infrastructure that is either already in place or that can be readily modified, fuel ammonia is highly anticipated as a critical resource to reach a carbon-neutral society. In the presentation, IHI will highlight its involvement in the development of combustion technologies of fuel ammonia for power generation.  A specific focus will be placed on the ongoing development and implementation of 20% ammonia co-combustion in existing coal fired power plants.  The presentation will feature the JERA demonstration…


New IEA report: using low-carbon ammonia to decarbonise power

The Role of Low-Carbon Fuels in the Clean Energy Transitions of the Power Sector forecasts a significant role for low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia in decarbonising the power sector, and highlights the promising results of co-firing trials to date (both coal power plants and gas turbines). The report also outlines some key next steps to enable the widespread use of these low-carbon fuels.


UK publishes national Hydrogen Strategy

The UK government has launched its vision for a society-wide hydrogen economy, with the first phase to entail 5 GW of low-carbon hydrogen production by 2030. Of huge interest to our readers here at Ammonia Energy are the explicit references in the report to the important future role of ammonia as: i) a maritime fuel, ii) a peaking power fuel for gas turbines, and iii) an export vector.


Cardiff-KAUST-Tohoku Young Researcher Workshop on Ammonia Energy

Organised by a panel of young researchers — and for young researchers — Cardiff University, KAUST and Tohoku University hosted a virtual workshop on ammonia energy. Each group showed their most recent research developments through the two-day event, attracting 50+ participants from the three groups alone. The event included research introductions from the research leaders of each group as well as quizzes, discussion rooms, prizes. Each group selected 6 early career presenters to feature their latest work in the topics of chemistry and microflow reactors, laminar and turbulent flames and applications. Taking advantage of the discussion sessions, this workshop hopes to promote large scale international collaboration and a researcher exchange programme in ammonia energy.


The Ammonia Wrap: OCI to charter ammonia-fueled vessels, Japanese CCGT units await ammonia, more green ammonia for Chile, new South Korea and Uruguay updates

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. This week: OCI to charter ammonia-fueled vessels, new carbon-free maritime fuels forecast, Hokkaido Electric postpones CCGT deployment, awaits ammonia, more green ammonia for Chile, Net-zero Teesside to include CF Industries ammonia production, South Korea and Uruguay.


The Ammonia Wrap: commercial turbines, another GW of green ammonia, Viking Energy updates, and “any-fuel” high-temp PEM fuel cells

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. This week: commercialised ammonia gas turbines, TDK and GenCell join forces, another GW of green ammonia production, small-scale green ammonia in rural Japan, hydroelectric ammonia in Laos, Viking Energy vessel updates, new partnerships for Haldor Topsoe and "any-fuel" high-temp PEM fuel cells.