Global Ammonia Certification As Enabler for Accelerated Investment and Financing

Ammonia can be a key clean hydrogen carrier for the coming decades. It offers the prospect of a new clean energy commodity that can be traded widely. However, such trade will depend critically on a harmonized international certification system for the embedded greenhouse gas emissions. This presentation will elaborate the market potential as well as the investment and financing needs based on new analysis. It will draw on the recent clean hydrogen certification experience to suggest solutions for the way ahead.


Unlocking ammonia offtake through a fully functional import supply chain

New industry partnerships between suppliers, offtakers and existing infrastructure owners will boost confidence for project developers in the fast-growing renewable ammonia industry. Recent announcements from Namibia, Germany and Norway demonstrate that a comprehensive ammonia supply chain is being established between Europe and key global locations, making FID & project investment decisions more straightforward.


GX bonds: new Japanese green subsidy program unveiled

Key elements of Japan’s Green Transformation (GX) push have been unveiled, including policy support for the implementation of ammonia energy solutions, and a $1 trillion total public-private investment package. A subsidy scheme to address the price difference between hydrogen, ammonia and fossil fuels is included, with a nominal price tag of $36 billion, running into the 2030s.


New ammonia import infrastructure under development across Europe (and beyond)

New import terminals, energy hubs, bunker facilities & upgrades to existing ammonia storage facilities are underway across Europe. This week, we explore new project announcements in Wilhelmshaven, Brunsbüttel, Rotterdam and Immingham. We visit Taiwan for another ammonia import terminal announcement, and look at a new partnership between thyssenkrupp and ADNOC to deploy large-scale cracking - the “last piece of the puzzle” for global ammonia trading.


H2Global launches first green ammonia tender

H2Global has launched its first tender process for the import of “green” ammonia into Europe, with a €360 million, ten year contract on offer beginning in 2024. In Germany, public gas company VNG and Total Eren will work towards ammonia imports into Rostock from 2028. VNG is already developing a significant clean production & import hub at Rostock, after an agreement with Equinor earlier this year.