Ammonia, liquid sustainable energy for future

Hans Vrijenhoef with many years of experience in green ammonia developments will address the topic that ammonia can be used as the carrier of green electricity from Arab world to Europe, Japan , Korea and many other countries, which are lacking lacking natural gas or ammonia production or where ammonia costs are high. Using the green energy, Proton technology enables its clients/ partners to use based on their strategies options for import or export green ammonia, blue ammonia or byproduct ammonia in a safe and environmentally friendly way. After detailed studies and a mutual search for off-takers, Proton offers the…


Establishing a Global Market

In the introduction to this keynote panel several aspects of the conversion of global ammonia fertilizer and chemical feedstock market into global ammonia energy market will be proposed for discussion. How ammonia may serve as a key driver for energy transition? How world clean energy needs will drive ammonia market growth? How related are ammonia and hydrogen markets? How technology development can affect the market growth? How to balance supply and demand? How existing ammonia trade can help in setting ammonia energy trade? What global infrastructure development needed to support the market? What is the role of governments in creation…


Ammonia exports from Canada to Germany

German energy giants E.ON and Uniper have signed agreements to offtake 500,000 tonnes of renewable ammonia each from EverWind Fuel’s under-development project at Point Tupper, Nova Scotia, beginning from 2025. The backdrop for these offtake MoUs was the signing of a new bilateral agreement between the Canadian and German governments to establish a Transatlantic Canada-Germany supply corridor for hydrogen.


Overview of NSW Hydrogen Strategy

The $3 billion NSW Hydrogen Strategy sets out the NSW Government’s plan to support commercialisation of green hydrogen supply chains in NSW. Michael Probert, Principal Policy Officer Hydrogen and Clean Energy, will provide an overview and status update on the major actions from the Strategy, including Australia’s first and only legislated green hydrogen target and certificate scheme. The presentation will also cover the Strategy’s network charge exemptions and the ammonia market study being commissioned by the NSW Government.