Vlissingen ammonia import hub progresses

Proton Ventures has been awarded a FEED contract to “re-convert” existing tanks to handle ammonia imports at Vesta Terminal’s site in Vlissingen. The future “Greenpoint Valley” hub will have a throughput capacity of at least one million tonnes per year of ammonia, jetty access for VLGCs, railcar loading, and potentially an onsite ammonia cracker. Also in the Netherlands, Battolyser Systems is leading a proposal for a native electrolyser manufacturing ecosystem in Rotterdam.


Power-to-Ammonia-to-Power (P2A2P) for Local Electricity Storage in 2025

A carbon-free, circular economy is required to decrease greenhouse gas emissions. A commonly named alternative to the carbon-based economy is the hydrogen economy. However, storing and transporting hydrogen is difficult. Therefore, the ammonia economy is proposed. Ammonia (NH3) is a carbon-free hydrogen carrier, which can mediate the hydrogen economy. Especially for long-term storage (above 1 day), ammonia is more economically stored than hydrogen. Transportation costs are greatly reduced by adopting a decentralized energy economy. Furthermore, political-economic factors influence energy prices less in a decentralized energy economy. With small-scale ammonia production gaining momentum, business models for the decentralized ammonia economy are…


The Battolyser as a tool to overcome production problems by the intermittancy of green energy

The intermittency of sustainable energy sources calls for either flexible production or storage of energy, to keep continuous processes running continuously. The newly developed Battolyser technology has the possibility of both, creating flexible production and storage in one piece of equipment. The Battolyser is therefore a tool to keep production processes of hydrogen and / or ammonia under a continuous mode at lowest CAPEX. The design of this Battolyser can be such that the vulnerable ammonia Haber Bosch synthesis process can be kept in operation during certain periods of outage of (green) power, without installing additional large batteries. The Battolyser…