Industry consortium announces feasibility study for co-firing ammonia in thermal power plants

In March 2020, IHI Corporation, JERA Co., and Marubeni Corporation announced a feasibility study "to evaluate possible applications for the co-firing of ammonia in thermal power plants." The Japanese companies have contracted with NEDO to deliver detailed technical and economic analysis on the use of ammonia as a direct fuel for power generation. In addition, with support from Woodside Energy in Australia, they "will examine the construction and operation of world-scale ammonia facilities and the optimisation of supply chain costs" to support "large-scale export of hydrogen as ammonia."


Basic Co-Firing Characteristics of Ammonia with Pulverized Coal in a Single Burner Test Furnace

Ammonia is expected as a potential fuel to substitute fossil fuels, because it does not discharge carbon dioxide and is easily handled by liquefaction. There are several ways for the direct use of ammonia as a fuel; for example, use in fuel cells and combustion devices. One of the possible application is the combustion use in thermal power plants. In particular, co-firing of ammonia in coal-fired power plants seems to have a relatively great advantage on the suppression of greenhouse gases, because coal is one of the main emission source of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, it is concerned…


Test Results of the Ammonia Mixed Combustion at Mizushima Power Station Unit No.2 and Related Patent Applications

At the Mizushima Power Station Unit No.2 (Coal-fired, Location: Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, rated output: 156,000 kW), the Chugoku Electric Power Company conducted the ammonia mixed-combustion test from July 3 to 9, 2017, in order to reduce the environmental burden of coal-fired power stations. We compile the test results and report it to Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), and we are pleased to inform you today that we applied for patents on the findings obtained in this examination. This test is part of the “ammonia direct burning” as a commissioned research topic on “energy carriers” out of the “Strategic Innovation…