Using Local Green Energy and Ammonia to Power Gas Turbine Generators

Beginning in the 1950s, a fundamental shift in the way information was electronically expressed and manipulated led to the “digital revolution” that has transformed — is still transforming — information systems and many major industries and that has given rise to the internet, social media, and instant very-low-cost communication (like this website). A good case can be made that a similar “revolution” is beginning — has already begun — to transform the energy systems upon which we all depend. This presentation will address the use of anhydrous (water-free) ammonia, NH3, as a realistic option for making a fundamental shift in…


Project Alkammonia: Ammonia-fed Alkaline Fuel Cells

Following last year’s field trials of Diverse Energy’s PowerCube technology in Africa (and AFC Energy’s subsequent acquisition of assets from Diverse), an EU-funded project to commercialize ammonia-fed fuel cells for stationary power generation continues to gather momentum under the title “Project Alkammonia".