Topsøe planning new electrolyser manufacturing plant

Herning, Denmark will be the location for Haldor Topsøe’s new electrolyser manufacturing facility. The new facility will have an annual production capacity of 500 MW-worth of solid-oxide electrolyser units, scaling up to 5 GW. Topsøe’s announcement is the latest in a series of recent news items, suggesting that the momentum for electrolyser scale-up is building.


Renewable ammonia in Portugal

Madoqua Renewables, Power2X and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners will jointly develop a new project in Sines, Portugal. Renewable hydrogen production will be integrated with a conventional Haber Bosch synthesis plant to produce up to 500,000 tonnes of ammonia per year, with an expansion phase to double that capacity.


Denmark approves national PtX strategy

Denmark’s new national PtX strategy has received bipartisan support from the country’s parliament. A number of policy levers - a government-backed tender process, a national electrolysis target, creating new regulatory frameworks and incentivising developers to build socially and economically responsible PtX projects - were approved. The suite of measures will unlock green fuel production potential across the country, with ammonia forecast to be the cheapest long-term option amongst the hydrogen derivatives.


The role of green ammonia in sector coupling and seasonal electricity storage

Green ammonia (NH3) will have a versatile role in the decarbonisation of large sectors of the global economy. Of these sectors green ammonia will likely have the most competitive potential in decarbonising long-duration energy storage, regional energy and hydrogen transport, shipping propulsion fuel, and replacing existing brown ammonia production for fertiliser and other chemicals. In this presentation, we introduce our modelling on the cross-sector integration of green ammonia into large-scale energy systems, with a case study of India. In the power sector, ammonia may play a role in seasonal storage, system resilience, and electricity import/export. We co-developed the world’s first…


Namibia looks towards its first green mega-project

As we reported earlier this March, Namibian President Hage Geingob announced his government is looking to develop and implement national green hydrogen and green ammonia strategies as part of an economy-wide "prosperity" initiative. In an interview with CNBCAfrica this week, Presidential Advisor on Economy James Mnyupe added some more updates.


The Ammonia Wrap: green bunker fuel hub planned for the Baltic Sea

News this week: future green bunker fuel hub planned for Bornholm, more Haldor Topsoe news, Australia partners up, 23 key players kick-off ammonia maritime fuel study, $100 billion hydro-hydrogen and ammonia in the DR Congo, Egypt planning $4 billion green hydrogen project, AP Ventures leads investment in Amogy, full steam ahead for MS Green Ammonia, new blue ammonia plant in Canada and new engineering contracts signed for key blue ammonia projects.


The Ammonia Wrap: 30 GW Power-to-X project in Mauritania and more

Welcome to the Ammonia Wrap: a summary of all the latest announcements, news items and publications about ammonia energy. This week: a 30 GW Power-to-X project in Mauritania, green hydrogen and ammonia in Egypt, €8 billion for 62 hydrogen projects in Germany, Cummins' electrolyser gigafactory in Spain, Ammonia engine development in Portugal and Shchekinoazot gets a new decarbonisation partner.