Celebrating 20 years of the AEA

Our recent conference in Atlanta, USA marked an incredible 20 year journey for the AEA. From humble beginnings, the Association is now in a position to have a critical impact on the growth of the clean ammonia industry, with certification, safety and increased collaboration between members all on the near-term agenda.


We do it safely, or not at all: the marine ammonia fuel journey

In our latest episode of Maritime Ammonia Insights, Matt Dunlop (MMMZCS) and Samie Parkar (Lloyd’s Register’s) stepped us through key outcomes of a new, comprehensive safety study for ammonia-fuelled shipping. Combining Quantitative Risk Analysis with Human Factors analysis, a series of risk mitigation & worker training recommendations provides a path forward for the safe operations of ammonia-fuelled vessels.


The Renewable Superpower Workforce

This presentation will explore the unprecedented size and scale of the workforce transition needed to realise Australia’s Renewable Superpower ambitions. The implications for the ammonia workforce will be considered in this context, including the challenges posed by the regional location of most clean energy jobs.