Maritime buyers alliance launches tender for zero-emissions shipping

The Zero Emission Maritime Buyers Alliance has launched a tender process for container shipping powered by zero-emissions fuels. The twenty-member Alliance includes major global consumer brands, and is seeking bids to meet an aggregate demand of 600,000-plus TEUs over 3 years, with a book-and-claim approach to be used for fuel certification. The demand-side initiative comes as a new report from UMAS and the Getting to Zero Coalition finds the window of opportunity for the global shipping industry to meet its 2030 goals is closing.


The NH3 Kraken: Amogy’s ammonia-powered tugboat

As part of our Maritime Ammonia Insights series, we explore progress onboard the NH3 Kraken, Amogy’s ammonia-powered tug being developed in New York state. We heard updates on vessel retrofits, design points, project partners, the ongoing relationship with the US Coast Guard, HAZOP assessments, regulatory work and the remaining challenges before the tug hits the water for operational trials. Amogy’s Abigail Jablanksky and Chief Safety Solutions’ Herbert Fowlkes joined Conor Furstenberg Stott in conversation.


NSW Hydrogen Strategy update

The NSW Hydrogen Strategy provides for $3 billion of incentives to commercialise green hydrogen supply chains in NSW and includes Australia’s first and only legislated hydrogen production target. This session will provide an overview of key actions in the NSW Hydrogen Strategy and the status of their implementation. By attending this session, you will gain further details on how to apply for the green hydrogen electricity cost concessions, which provide an estimated $2 reduction per kg of hydrogen. Updates will also be available on the NSW hydrogen hub initiative and the NSW hydrogen infrastructure masterplan.