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What We Do

Ammonia Energy tracks the progress of anhydrous ammonia (NH3) as it becomes a key constituent of the new energy economy. Ammonia energy proponents see a powerful case for ammonia as an energy vector that can meet the needs of society in an affordable, sustainable, and achievable manner. Efforts to investigate the merits of ammonia energy and to develop systems that can support it are underway in most of the world’s leading economies. Ammonia Energy will follow groups active in the field and and report on the work they are doing. Ammonia Energy intends to help the discrete islands of activity cohere into a self-aware and communicative community that can rapidly and effectively develop NH3-oriented technologies, energy systems, businesses, and public policies.

The Ammonia Energy enterprise embodies three modes. The first involves acquiring information on relevant activities and advances. Our most important sources are members of the ammonia fuel community who alert us to progress in their own work and in the work of colleagues. The second mode consists of compiling, organizing, and archiving information on AmmoniaEnergy.org. The primary form of organization is by country, with tags supporting searches on other dimensions. The third mode is enabling use of the information by interested parties. Tools employed to this end include the Ammonia Energy Bulletin (distributed to subscribers by e-mail on a weekly basis) and discussion threads for each country being tracked by Ammonia Energy.